Natural Fibre Connect 2023 – English

Welcome to the Natural Fibre Connect 2023 recordings! If you’ve missed any live presentations or wish to revisit the remarkable sessions from the conference, you can now access the recordings by clicking on the days below to go through to their respective schedules. From there, you can either watch the conference in time order or skip to a specific session. After you've watched a session, you can click on the "Mark Complete" button so you can easily see which videos you have already watched and which ones you haven't. Please note, the views expressed by conference speakers are their own and do not necessarily reflect the stance of the conference organisers, including the NFC. Our goal is to foster open dialogue by bringing together diverse viewpoints and encouraging respectful exchange of ideas that contribute to intellectual growth and progress. We hope that these conference recordings can continue to provide a platform for engaging discussions.
· 2 May 2023