Traceability systems within Authentico

Over the past months, we have completed our work in putting our traceability systems in place. Within Authentico we can trace wool along the supply chain through two different systems. The first system has been developed by Textile Genesis and is built on a technology that mimics blockchain. It is a very user-friendly platform specifically developed for textile supply chains. The Textile Genesis platform won the 2020 Global Change Award issued by the H&M foundation and is the preferred traceability system by Textile Exchange. Authentico is the first wool supply chain being traced through Textile Genesis. Our ambition is that Authentico wool growers can also join Textile Genesis in the future to follow in which products your wool ends up. We will keep you posted on this endeavour.The second system is a blockchain-based system developed for The Schneider Group. This system will be the preferred long-term system within Authentico. However, blockchain technology will need more time to gain acceptance and to be adopted and fully integrated by all supply chain partners. Therefore, we will trace Authentico wool in the short term mainly through Textile Genesis until Blockchain will become the main technology in the longer-term future.

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